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EV Code Signing Certificates

Build Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation with EV Code Signing Certificates

All the users and customers want to trust the software entities but a warning by Microsoft SmartScreen saying you are an “Unknown Publisher” will stop them from installing your software. All this development, management, and advertisement of the software can go in vain because of these warnings. An EV Code Signing certificate helps you bypass these warnings and that’s why it’s a must if you are a software development organization.

To issue EV Code Signing, the issuer will need to undergo a rigorous vetting process conducted by the Certificate Authority (CA). Upon successful completion, issuer can use this certificate to sign this code and establish your credibility as software publisher. EV Code Signing Certificates come a physical token for the storage of private key, making it nearly impossible for third-party intruders to act as your business or tamper with the software.

EV Code Signing Certificate Explained

Certera EV Code Signing

Reting Star Start at
₹ 22,949.00/Yr
  • 3072-bit Signature Key
  • Secure Multiple App & Software
  • Extended Validation
  • Token-based Private Key
  • Improve MS Smartscreen Score
  • 1 to 5 Days Issuance

Comodo EV Code Signing

Reting Star Start at
₹ 25,159.00/Yr
  • Includes timestamp functionality
  • 3072-bit Signature Key
  • Boost MS Smartscreen Score
  • USB Token Storage
  • 1-5 Business Days
  • Unlimited Signing

Sectigo EV Code Signing

Reting Star Start at
₹ 25,159.00/Yr
  • 3072-bit Signature Key
  • USB Token Storage
  • Boost MS Smartscreen Score
  • Support All Platforms
  • 1-5 Busines Days
  • SHA-2 Encryption

Digicert EV Code Signing

Reting Star Start at
₹ 37,569.00/Yr
  • 3072-bit Signature Key
  • Secure Multiple App & Software
  • Extended Validation
  • Token-based Private Key
  • Improve MS Smartscreen Score
  • 1 to 5 Days Issuance

EV Code Signing Certificate Benefits

Stamp Trust with Boosted Microsoft SmartScreen ScoreStamp Trust with Boosted Microsoft SmartScreen Score

Microsoft SmartScreen filter is a security feature that protects users from downloading malicious software. Even if you are a legitimate developer, it may show the warning that you are an “Unverified Publisher” or “Unknown Publisher.” With an EV Code Signing Certificate, you can get your SmartScreen recognition score up, resulting in more downloads and conversions.

Instant Boost in Customer ConfidenceInstant Boost in Customer Confidence

EV code signing certificates are essential in boosting customers’ confidence to download your software. Moreover, the users do want to install the software but there are so many options available in the market that without the removal of the warning from your software’s download page, it is almost impossible to grow the confidence in customers.

Safety from Key DuplicationSafety from Key Duplication

The private key is stored on FIPS physical token (through a HSM Device called as Hardware Security Module), making it impossible for unauthorized individuals to duplicate it. Also, these individuals cannot sign the code in any way since the certificate requires the signing entity to use the physical token during the two-factor authentication process.

Physical Token with Private KeyPhysical Token with Private Key

The private key is an integral part of the encryption process. EV Code Signing comes paired with a two-factor authentication process that requires the signing entity to use physical tokens that contain private keys to verify themselves as an official of the company. This method also saves the code from being tampered with by ill-intended entities.

All-Round 32-bit and 64-bit CompatibilityAll-Round 32-bit and 64-bit Compatibility

There are two major file formats in windows, 32 and 64-bit. An EV Code Signing certificate is compatible with both formats. So, no matter which format your application file is in, you get all-around protection with the trust of extended validation (EV).

Broad Coverage on Multiple Platforms Broad Coverage on Multiple Platforms

You can sign the software, application, code, or executables on platforms like Visual Studio, Android, MAC, Mozilla, Adobe AIR, and almost all others. Also, you don’t have to reissue your certificate whenever you want to sign software from a different platform. A single certificate goes for all the platforms.

Show Organizational DetailsShow Organizational Details

One of the noteworthy benefits of an EV Code Signing certificate is that you can show users your organizational details, name, and address. This way, the users can stay assured that the software they are using is reliable and from a trusted brand.

Users-Focused Timestamped SignatureUsers-Focused Timestamped Signature

It ensures the digital signature stays on the software even after the certificate expires, and the timestamp confirms that the software is developed by a trusted & verified organization. This provides a safer environment for users and increases trust in the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We're here to help.

What is EV Code Signing?

It is the process of digitally signing the application, software or code using the X. 509 certificate that uses the SHA-256 algorithm to encrypt information. Signing the code ensures that the users receive software that unofficial entities have not tampered with or modified.

How Does EV Code Signing Certificate Works?

EV Code Signing certificate uses the SHA-256 certificate to digitally sign the software/application codes and scripts A physical token is provided with the certificate, which is required for an issuer to get through the two-factor authentication process while signing the code.

How do I get an EV Code Signing Certificate?

You can buy EV Code Signing certificates from The organization validation process is an extensive, but you wouldn’t have to invest much time if you have all your organizational details ready before starting the validation.

Difference between Standard Code Signing and EV Code Signing Certificate?

Standard Code Signing certificates don’t have a rigorous vetting process like EV Code Signing certificates. On the other hand, EV Code signing comes with physical token containing the private key used to sign the code for software/application/executable.

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